Covid 19

We’re in uncharted territory at the moment. The world has become a strange place full of contradictions. Its truly beautiful outside, and  at the same time terrifying. The bird song seems louder and I saw a squirrel and a heron yesterday, both without leaving the house.  And that’s the thing. I don’t want to leave the house because I don’t want to endanger my family. We are separating ourselves from everyone else in the world and yet on Thursday evenings when we all clap together I’ve never felt so connected to the people around me. So yes, strange times.

The question is, what does all this mean going forward? No one knows when this lock down will end and what the world will look like when it does. Hopefully it will be a cleaner, more eco friendly place. Hopefully we will all appreciate what and who we have in our lives more. Whatever happens, the world that we all stumble out into, shielding our eyes from the sun, will be a far removed one from the one we used to know.

Many shops and businesses will be closing for good over the next few months, unable to ride out the drop in custom. Those that are to survive will be the businesses that adapt to the new financial climate. Personally, I’m taking the time in lock down to look into redesigning and expanding my kit selection and looking into selling online. Also into the possibility of taking my workshops online.  It’s all going to involve new skills and so a big learning curve, but I’ve got the time to do it now and little else to do. I have to see this as an opportunity, it may be the only way we all make it through. To see the positives and take advantage of the opportunities. To connect with each other in any way we can whilst staying separate and safe.

And that’s what I want most, for everyone to stay safe and well. So stay home, stay safe, and keep crafting, it’ll help keep you sane until this is all over. x Ruth