If you see something you like and would like it personalised, or if you would like to commission something extra special, then please email me at 

I will get back to you with a quote. If you have a pet or favourite animal, or know someone that does, then why not get them immortalized in paint or felt?


The beaver pictured above is a previous commission. He’s needle felted and life sized, taking around three weeks to complete. For something this size and this detailed it would cost around £400. Smaller or simpler items would cost less. The standard sized business card he holds is to give you some idea of scale. A flat felted pet portrait starts at just £35 and a full 3D needle felted head from just £100. Prices depend on the amount of detail wanted and the time taken to complete. Feel free to contact me for a quote.


Here at Beltane Gifts we offer a bespoke pet portrait service where we will hand paint your pets’ image onto wood for you to wear or carry. And best of all? Our prices start from just £35 for a small round painted portrait, and £65 for a 12cm square portrait. All paintings will be recorded and added to my YouTube page “The  Crafting Chez”, so once it’s completed you can actually watch your painting being painted.

Painted portraits can take up to five working days to complete and post out and potentially longer during busy periods (although a faster turn around may be possible dependent on demand) so be sure to let us know how soon you need it by (please remember to factor in delivery time) and we will do our best to get it done.

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